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8 Ways to Protect Your Mental Health During COVID-19

I know that a lot is happening and has happened since COVID-19 has hit across the globe. So many things are transpiring in the lives of God's people in the midst of a situation we have never been in before.

Some people are holding on to their faith while others are struggling to keep hope alive. It is important to realize while you might have more money than before and you are doing fine others have lost their business which was their only source of income. Some have lost their job and have no money coming in while waiting to hear back from an overwhelmed state unemployment system. The unique situation and circumstances every individual finds themselves in at this moment can easily explain why some are doing fine and others are not.

During this time some people are completely relaxed while others are experiencing an increase in anxiety and panic attacks. Being in the house non-stop is not easy for everyone especially when you add all of the negative news and information that induces fear.

I do not have all of the answers only God does but I wanted to take a moment and share 8 things you can do to make a positive impact on your mental health

1. Exercise

2. Meditate on scriptures

3. Take vitamins, eat healthier, and drink plenty of water. Try to remove all fast food and limit or even completely eliminate all processed foods.

4. Take advantage of teletherapy until face to face sessions are available again

5. Log out of social media and stop watching the negative news day in and day out

6. Do something that you enjoy (paint, sing, write, cook, fish, etc )

7. Allow yourself to rest and enjoy the slower pace if possible.

8. Journal about your life experiences during the global pandemic.


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