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5 Ways to Mentally Declutter + Recharge

We all have experienced moments in our lives where we might feel mentally foggy or even overwhelmed. In fact, you might even have short periods of time where you cannot focus the way you would normally. This could include you feeling a little agitated and short because you simply need a break. Below, I have listed 5 suggestions to mentally declutter and recharge.

1. Take a social media break. Although social media is a great tool it can also make you feel overwhelmed from the excessive amounts of information coming your way non-stop. Some of the content on social media can be very negative but there is also loads of motivational, inspirational, and informational content. Myself included many can admit they have wasted an embarrassing amount of time scrolling on facebook. There is nothing wrong with taking a break from social media especially when you are mentally drained. I can personally attest to feeling better and being more productive when taking a break from social media.

2. Meditate on scripture. Take the time on a regular basis to break away from the busyness and noise of life so that you can focus and meditate on the scripture(s) of your choice.

3. Watch less TV. Some people turn the TV on out of habit or because they have to have the noise. This can play a role in some people spending hours in front of the TV. Watching TV excessively can distract you from things in your life that need actual attention including your mental health. Although some people watch TV to relax some research has suggested that watching tv makes your brain more alert but less focused. This is not a post against TV watching but it is something to consider.

4.Write in a journal. Writing in a journal can be very useful and is something that people do all around the world. Journals allow you to write down all of your thoughts, concerns, worries, dreams and so forth. By writing things out it can help you be more in-tune with your thoughts and your mental state. Keeping a journal can also help you with your personal vision, priorities, and even organization.

5. Spend less time talking on the phone. Although we can never avoid talking on the phone 25/7/365 we can avoid excessive phone usage. Especially, if talking on the phone makes you feel drained, anxious, angry or even sad afterwards. Nothing wrong with being a listening ear but if it is negatively impacting your mental health you might want to use a bit of caution.

These are just a few things I do to get mentally decluttered and recharged. Other suggestions are exercise, get more sleep, eat a balanced diet, remove all unnecessary busyness from your life. For more topics like this check out this podcast or this book


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